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d.8 Antoine IV

Reynaldo Mariqueo and Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para 2008

On January 9, 2014, the Regency Council, comprised of the Council of the Kingdom and the Council of State, met under the leadership of Prince Regent Philippe de Lavalette, to name the sixth successor of King Orelie-Antoine I.  Prince Philippe had named Philippe de Lavalette, the son of Chancellor Baron Raoul de Lavalette, as Prince Regent in his political will.  The Regency Council chose unanimously Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para, Duke of San Pedro de Hueyusco, and former President of the Council of the Kingdom, to be the new head of the Royal House of Araucania and Patagonia. 

The Prince entered the service of the Royal House of Aracuania and Patagonia in 1972.  Later, he was given the title Duke of San Pedro de Hueyusco by Prince Philippe I.

Born on March 26, 1942, he reigns under the title Prince Antoine IV.  He is married and has two children.  A military veteran, he saw service in Algeria.  Professionally, the Prince had a successful career in social work, specializing in the care of children and mentally-handicapped adults.  He has a doctorate degree in the history of civilization.

His French national distinctions included: Officer of the National Order of Merit, Officer of the Order of Academic Palms, Order of Agricultural Merit, Combatant's Cross, and the Medal of French Gratitude.  He is also an Officer of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

Photo by Viscount Franz de Malimensu.  H.E. Reynaldo Mariqueo, Count of Lul-lul Mawidha and charge d'affairs for international relations on the left with H. E. Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para, Duke of San Pedro de Hueyusco and President of the Council of the Kingdom. 
Taken at La Cheze in 2008.