c. The Royal House

Head of the Royal House

The Royal House of Araucania and Patagonia continues to embody the historic legacy established by King Orelie-Antoine I. The current head of the Royal House is Prince Frédéric I of Araucania and Patagonia, who is the heir to the throne established by King Orelie-Antoine I.  In his function as the head of  the Royal House, the Prince looks both forward -- toward the current circumstances facing the Mapuche people -- and backwards -- remembering the history of the kingdom.

Prince Frédéric actively promotes international awareness of the current situation among the Mapuche people in several ways: 1) by maintaining contacts with Mapuche leaders in South America and Europe, 2) by organizing Mapuche conferences in Europe, and 3) by cooperating with Mapuche organizations speaking before international bodies.

The Prince also sustains the historical legacy of the kingdom by: 1) speaking and writing about the history of the kingdom, 4) acting as the Grand Master of the various orders of the kingdom, and 5) representing in his person the continuity of the Araucanian monarchy.

Chancellery of the Royal House of Araucania

In his many functions, the Prince is supported by his Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.  Raoul de Lavalette serves as the Chancellor of the Royal House.  Klaus-Peter Pohland serves as the Vice Chancellor.  The Chancellery maintains the archives of the Royal House and handles much correspondence related to the historical functions of the Royal House.

Council of the Kingdom and Council of State

The Prince is also supported by his Council of the Kingdom and Council of State.  These two councils are established by the constitution of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia and function in legislative and consultative capacities.  These Councils meet regularly with the Prince and all decisions concerning the Royal House are made with the approval of these bodies.

Currently, the President is Daniel Werbe and the Vice President is Raoul de Lavalette.  Other members are: Nina Dean Ahmed, Olivier Levy, Gaston Lion, Daniel Morrison, Domingo Paine, C. B. Contreras Painemal, and Lorenzo Pincen.

Currently, the members of the Council of State are Klaus-Peter Pohland; Reynaldo Mariqueo, Philippe de Lavalette, and Alain Andersen-Charon. 

Auspice Stella

Founded in 1965 as a cultural and philanthropic arm of the Royal House, in 2013 Auspice Stella was granted "special consultative status" as a non-governmental organization (NGO) by the United Nations Council on Human Rights.  With this official standing before the UN, the Auspice Stella regularly speaks before the UN body in Geneva on issues impacting the Mapuche people.

You can visit the Auspice Stella website here:  Auspice Stella.

At a joint meeting of the Council of the Kingdom and the Council of State, l. to r., Counselor Alain Anderson-Charon, Marianne Paine (translator), and Counselor Domingo Paine, March 24, 2018.  Photo by Daniel Paul Morrison.