e.5 Mapuche Warrior Medal

The Mapuche Warrior Medal was created on November 17, 2010 by the decree of Prince Philippe.  This medal is awarded to Mapuche people who have distinguished themselves in the struggle for human rights for their people.

The medal is made of silver-coated brass.  On its obverse it bears the portrait of Toki Leftraru surrounded by palms and surmounted by the word: LEFTRARU.  Below the portrait are the words: WEYCHAFE PU MAPUCHE.  The reverse has a royal crown, surrounded by laurels, with the following words below: REINO DE ARAUCANIA Y PATAGONIA.  Circling above are the words: INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD.  Circling below is the motto: LA UNION HACE LA FUERZA.  The ribbon has the colors of the flag of the Kingdom: blue, white and green.

Past recipients of the Mapuche Warrior Medal include: Lonko Juana Calfunao; Teresa Paillahueque Miranda; Lonko Juana Calfunao Paillalef; Oswaldo "El Indio Araucano" Gomez; and Count Reynaldo Mariqueo of Lul-lul Mawidha.