e.4 Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor was created by Prince Philippe on July 2, 1965.

Originally, this medal was issued in three classes: 1) bronze without ribbon, 2) silver with ribbon, and 3) gold with ribbon.  Today, only the gold medal is awarded.  There is also a table medal version of this award.

The obverse bears the image of Prince Philippe surrounded by the words: ARAUCANIAE PAT QUE PHILLIPPUS R.  The reverse bears the arms of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia surrounded by the words: INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD.  The medal hangs from a ribbon bearing in its center the colors of the flag of the kingdom -- blue, white and green -- surrounded by a field of black, representing the mourning of exile.

The high-relief portrait was sculpted by Josette Herbert Coeffin (1908-1973) and struck at the Monnaie de Paris.  The minting of this beautiful medal was due to the initiative of Count Pierre Castang de Queilen-Cura.

The awarding of this medal is authorized by the Auspice Stella.