f.4 Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor was created by Prince Philippe on July 2, 1965.

Originally, this medal was issued in three classes: 1) bronze without ribbon, 2) silver with ribbon, and 3) gold with ribbon.  Today, only the gold medal is awarded.

The obverse bears the image of Prince Philippe surrounded by the words: ARAUCANIAE PAT QUE PHILLIPPUS R.  The reverse bears the arms of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia surrounded by the words: INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD.  The medal hangs from a ribbon bearing in its center the colors of the flag of the kingdom -- blue, white and green -- surrounded by a field of black, representing the mourning of exile.

The high-relief portrait was sculpted by Josette Herbert Coeffin (1908-1973) and struck at the Monnaie de Paris.  The minting of this beautiful medal was due to the initiative of Count Pierre Castang de Queilen-Cura.

The awarding of this medal is authorized by the Auspice Stella.