e.1 Golden Jubilee Medal

The Golden Jubilee Medal [Médaille Commémorative des 50 ans du règne du Prince Philippe] commemorates the 50th anniversary of Prince Philippe becoming the head of the Royal House of Araucania.

This medal was commissioned by the Auspice Stella, a philanthropic organization chartered by the Royal House of Araucania.

The obverse of the medal bears the arms of the Royal House surrounded by the words: FILIP REY DE ARAUCANIA Y PATAGONIA -- JUBILEO DE ORO.  The reverse bears the royal crown and the words: INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD -- REINO DE ARAUCANIA Y PATAGONIA -- 1951-2001.  The medal is suspended on a ribbon with the colors of the flag of the Kingdom -- blue, white and green.

This medal, which came both full-sized and miniature, was issued with a diploma from the President of the Auspice Stella.

This medal is no longer awarded.